Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Letter from Tesla Investor to Twitter Investor

Dear Twitter Investor,

I write you pleading and warning you to be diligent. I write you with the credibility of having been in your shoes not that long ago. You see, I have been beholden to a company whose stock has traded like a rock star. But like several episodes of VH1's "Behind the Music" there is often a temptation for the higher highs to give you a feeling of invisibility- right before a fall from grace.

You may be giddy at this moment and feel like you can't lose after today's wonderful IPO.
In the coming months, I implore you to stay mindful that if the stock goes parabolic, it may come crashing to the ground. You own a stock not a dream, so don't let it become a nightmare.

My advice to you is to remain skeptical, read quarterly reports, pay attention to those who think the stock is overvalued. Develop sound arguments to combat these bears but allow yourself to change your mind. Re-evaluate your investment often. The market does everyday.

But above all, if the good times roll, take some profits.

Best of luck,

Tesla Investor

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